Thursday, February 25, 2016

Week 6: Storyboard

This week, we worked on a preliminary Storyboard to animate in After Effects, intended for both briefly introducing the world and showing off our finalized concept art.

Here is the sequence of images, followed by a short spoken script and details on what will be animated.

  1. "Welcome, Channeler, to the CSA!  I know, your mind must be blown:  to find out that you have the THIRD EYE, a Special Sight that lets you see and talk to spirits!
    • Channeler image clutches bag closer.
    • "Third eye" appears and glows when it is mentioned.
  2. "That's right:  SPIRITS!  There's all sorts of ghosts, ghouls, and gremlins out there... but as you're about to find out, they're a lot more friendly than you think!"
    • Spirit silhouettes simply waving and floating in place.
  3. "And the CSA helps keep it that way.  Oh, that's the "Channeler-Spirit Association".  It's where people and the paranormal work together to solve human-spirit problems!  People like you, and Paranormals like ME:  Yeah, that's me there!  I'm Shahzaad, your new teammate.  Nice to meet you!"
    • Spirit and human silhouettes moving around the CSA
    • Globe spinning
    • Shahzaad appears and waves when he is mentioned.
  4. "We're about to be sent to The Walled City:  A haven for seedy spirits in the human world!  The place is huge, overpopulated... and maybe a little scary."
    • Little spirit crowds moving
    • Flags between buildings wafting a bit.
    • Parallaxing with the two foreground buildings
  5. "The streets are run by the 44k:  A gang of Chinese Hopping Vampires who usually just run the food industry there.  Normally, the CSA turns a blind eye to this huge mess of a city, but..."
    • Spirits wafting in place or moving
    • Lanterns swinging slightly
    • Neon glowing/flickering
    • Slight parallaxing with two foreground buildings
  6. "...One of the CSA's Channelers went ROGUE.  They've taken over the local gangs, and they're stirring up something sinister.  The CSA is counting on us:  Together, let's get to the bottom of this!"
    • Parallaxing of rogue channeler with background
    • Movement of smoke, curling of arm.

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