Thursday, February 25, 2016

Week 6: 3D Explorations of Environment and Props

Our art team did some explorations of what 3D environments in the Channeler would look like, which we definitely want to show with everyone. These were basically explorations of the 2D work we already did, given consideration into a 3D space.

In these explorations, we decided that the city would have three separate districts: a food district, a residential district, and a manufacturing district. We presented these ideas to the producers, which got some ideas going for how they might be incorporated into gameplay.

Though each artist did a separate area with geometry, we each made different sets of props which we shared, so that we could populate the environment and make the areas look like they existed within the same world.

We are planning on incorporating some of these elements into our UE4 diorama, which we plan on showing for vertical slice next week. We also wanted to show a character incorporated into our 3D space, as some of the criticism we've received was a lack of ability to visualize the characters in the environment. We have already created a proxy model of Chao, our jiangshi character, who will be in the diorama.

So for this next week we will be UVing and texturing these items to make them viable for the UE4 diorama during the vertical slice presentation.

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